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"How would you like to have your questions about homeschooling answered while you read your child a storybook? I Am Learning All the Time is intended for your child, but you will learn as much or more. Your child will be captivated by Hugh's life-learning experiences and social connections, and if you homeschool, your child will love the recognition of his life style and belonging. Little Hugh is not only fully engaged in learning, but creates friendships that include schooled and home learners alike. It is perhaps what I like about the book the most, that learning without schooling never alters Hugh's love and appreciation of his schooled friends.

A rare book of friendship, home-schooling, social connections and appreciation."

- Naomi Aldort, parenting counselor and author of
"Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

"I Am Learning All the Time is a heartwarming story and delightfully illustrated picture book — a treat for homeschooling families and their friends. The story illuminates the similarities and differences between conventional schooling and homeschooling, with a tone of acceptance and appreciation for both learning paths.”

– Scott Noelle, parenting coach and author of "The Daily Groove:
A Creative Parents’ Guide to the Art of Attraction Parenting"

"At last, there are Homeschool Adventure books!

Since the holidays are coming around I thought I’d let you know about a picture book Rain Fordyce wrote about homeschooling which is geared towards children. She guest starred on my radio program Relaxed Homeschooler (show #8) a few weeks ago and shared her experiences writing and DIY producing the book. In the homeschooling community of course we will enjoy reading it to our kids, but libraries, school kids and even grandparents could all use a peak at it to get an idea how a homeschooler’s day might look. Rain carefully juxtaposes events in the life of a conventionally schooled child and a homeschooled child to produce a charming overall sense of variety and acceptance. She plans to do several books in the series and we are looking forward to the next one already!"

– Kim Campbell
from Relaxed Homeschooler Talkshow

"I am Learning All the Time by Rain Fordyce does a beautiful job of showing the difference, without any judgment, of kids that go to school verses children that are schooled at home. Fordyce’s book eloquently shows how giving kids the freedom to be whoever this wish to be can have a most positive effect on our world. The illustrations are fun, comforting and full of happiness. This is a wonderful book for children who attend school to understand home schooled children and vice versa. This book is the first of its kind and is so needed in this day and age."

Joyfully – Barbara Techel
Author of "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog"

Great Picture Book about Homeschooling

"There are tons of books out there for parents about homeschooling, but not so many for kids. I was listening to a homeschool podcast a couple months ago, and there was an author being interviewed, Rain Perry Fordyce. She’s written a very cute picture book for kids about homeschooling. The book is called “I am Learning All the Time” and is illustrated by Audrey Anne Miles Churney.

Being different can be tough on kids, and homeschoolers are different just because most people still send their children away to school. Having a book that tells their story, that says homeschooling os normal, that lots of families do it, and that it’s good, I thik is very validating and reassuring for a child. One thing I like about this book is the positive tone. I tells the story of a 5 year old homeschooled boy and what he does at home compared to what some of his regular school friends do in school. It doesen’t make any judgments about which way is better. It doesn’t trash public schools. It just shows that ther are different, and equally acceptable ways to do things. 

And from the kid point of view, I think Hannah would also give it a good rating since she asked for “I am Learning all the Time” as her bedtime story for at least 5 days in a row when we first got it, and frequently ever since. 

Another aspect that impressed me as I listened to that interview was what lengths Ms. Fordyce had gone to in order to keep the publication of her book as eco-friendly as possible. She tracked down special a special publisher that would be able to print in the most environmentally friendly manner. This is a self published book, and probably not available all over the web. She specifically mentioned that they chose not to offer it on Amazon. I ordered my copy directly from her at her website. There is even an option to get an autographed copy there, so I couldn’t resist doing so."

– Catherine’s
Homeschooling in California

Stories for Children Magazine - 5 Star Rating

"Hugh Beagle is five and a half. He lives with his Mom, Dad, and big brother Chas in a green house on North Cedar Street. One day when Hugh, Chas, and their Mom are walking to the park to see some friends, the man at the bus stop asks why the boys are not in school. The reason is that they homeschool. The story goes on to explain how Hugh and Chas get to have a picnic at the park with their homeschooled friends instead of "first day of school" parties, learn at home with Mom instead of going to a classroom, help Mom make lunch instead of eating in a cafeteria, and play in their backyard instead of having recess at the school yard. But do the boys feel deprived and they would rather ride that big yellow bus every day? Hugh will answer those questions.

The U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences reports that both the number and the proportion of students in the United States who were being homeschooled increased between 1999 and 2003. Approximately 1.1 million students were being homeschooled in the United States in the spring of 2003, an increase from the estimated 850,000 students who were being homeschooled in the spring of 1999. In addition, the percentage of the entire student population who were being homeschooled increased from 1.7 percent in 1999 to 2.2 percent in 2003. And it is still growing. Author Rain Perry Fordyce is a homeschooling mom of two sons who lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest.

Hugh himself wonders why he and his brother are being homeschooled. His Mom helps him to go through a process of self-discovery to understand what both the differences and the similarities to his traditionally schooled friends are. Without being judgmental as to whether one kind of schooling is better than the other, the book points out that Hugh is learning all the time, when looking at books on his own, working with his brother or his homeschool friends, and playing with the neighborhood children when they come home from their school. I Am Learning All the Time is a great resource to help homeschooled children appreciate better their own family's choice and also to help others get a clearer picture of what homeschooling is all about. And the full-color illustrations of Audrey Anne Miles Cherney are quite endearing. I think that it is really a great book!"

 Wayne S. Walker
Stories for Children Magazine

Are you looking for a book to give to your child or your friends and relatives to explain what homeschooling is all about in a fun, interesting and simple way?  Well, look no further! Rain has written an adorable picture book for children called "I am Learning All the Time."  The main character is five-year-old Hugh, who is homeschooled.  The 38-page, beautifully illustrated picture book follows Hugh in his daily life as he interacts with family and friends, both traditionally schooled and homeschooled.  We see him learning both at home and away as well as playing with both his schooled and homeschooled friends.

Your own homeschooled children will recognize themselves as they watch Hugh learn about bugs, dinosaurs, money and space shuttles as he goes about his daily life at home and away.  But more importantly, this is an effective tool to share with your friends and relatives who wonder what you do all day as a homeschooling family.  They will understand what it means to "learn all the time," and begin to see homeschooling in a more positive light.  They may even wish their own children were homeschooling!

For those who would like to know, there is a very brief mention of wizards and a tyrannosaurus rex who "survived over seventy million years."  Rain follows the Unschooling style of learning.

This is not a peak into the "school-at-home" variety of homeschooling.  This is what I call a real education – the kind that Thomas Edison had as a kid.  This is about learning all the time and wherever you go.  This is about reading together, building things together, learning at the grocery store, and exploring the world around you.  You can do this whether you add in some structured book learning or not.

I heartily recommend this as a tool to help your child understand how homeschooling fits in with "real life," and to show non-homeschoolers what really goes on in many homeschooling family’s lives.

For more information or to order, go to the Homeschool Adventure Books Web site. You’ll even find free coloring pages to go along with the book!

Cindy Downes
How Do I Teach

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